“Tanguns Bear” – Black Bear Hair Calligraphy & Big Canvas Brush

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“Tanguns Bear” – Black Bear Hair Calligraphy & Big Canvas Brush


Large Calligraphy & Paint Brush made of black bear hair to be used on big canvases. This brush can hold a lot of ink so you do not have to interrupt your stroke. Its bristles have the high sturdiness which is characteristic for bear hair brushes. This is a very special brush due to the resilience of its tip despite the bristles being very long due to the usage of bear hair. Furthermore, the beautiful handle is carved out of water buffalo horn and with Chinese Redwood.


Extra Large Tip Black Bear Hair Artist & Calligraphy Brush

Tip Hair Material: Other HairTip Resilience: HardTip Resilience / Hair Type: Hard HairTip Dimensions: L 6.3 in x Dia 2.0 in / L 16 cm x Dia 5 cm Total Length: 18.3 in / 46.5 cmMaterial Handle: Water Buffalo Horn & Chinese RedwoodUsage: Large script calligraphy and big canvas painting


This is a new artist brush in our selection which is not only beautiful but possesses superb characteristics for painting large scale on big canvases up to several meters in width. In China it is mainly used by experienced calligraphists who yield it with two hand movements. For Western painting our clients use it usually for super-sized paintings. Apart from its usage, we often sell it as a merely decorative item due to the fact that it is a beautifully crafted masterpiece. Note: this is not a brush for beginners since it is not easy to handle and learn with it – therefore we refer to it as Big Canvas Artist Brush


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"Tanguns Bear" - Black Bear Hair Calligraphy & Big Canvas Brush

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