0.7X-5X Zoom Tabletop Video Inspection System with 11.6″ Monitor + 3D Rotary Viewer

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0.7X-5X Zoom Tabletop Video Inspection System with 11.6″ Monitor + 3D Rotary Viewer


The DM750-2MP-HDM11-3DR is a complete video-inspection system for use in industrial environments, laboratories, and classrooms. It combines high-quality zoom optics with 1080p digital imaging capable of capturing photos and videos while you work. This tabletop system includes an 11.6” HD monitor for viewing live video and using the on-screen controls and measurement tools. Bright, even illumination is provided by a 144-LED ring light with adjustable intensity. The system simplifies the inspection process, making it ideal for machine shops, PCB assembly, and general quality-control.

Zoom Optics

The zoom objective lens provides 0.7X to 5X optical magnification to cover a wide range of subjects, and is ideally suited for dissection, soldering, and machining. The use of a single objective eliminates the inconsistent focus and distortion caused by lens-tilt seen with stereo microscopes. Key magnifications in the zoom range have a detent for improved repeatability, especially when performing measurements.

Tabletop Stand

The included table stand provides essential stability with a small footprint. The pillar-type stand allows the focusing block to swing laterally for flexible coverage. The focusing block can be raised and lowered freely for coarse adjustments, while symmetrical focusing knobs with adjustable tension provide the precision adjustment. Since the microscope uses the same 76mm mount as our bestselling stereo microscopes, it can be used with a wide range of additional support systems including boom arms and articulating arms.

High Definition 11.6” Monitor

The 11.6” monitor attaches to the table stand’s pillar using a mounting arm which places the monitor conveniently next to the microscope. The screen uses IPS technology to produce accurate colors when viewed from virtually any angle. Using HDMI, the 1080p video is crisp and lag-free.


A clip-on 144-LED ring light can be easily detached or attached to the head as needed, and provides bright, even, low-heat illumination.

3D Rotation

A 3D rotary viewer is included, which can be mounted to the objective lens to provide a new perspective. It uses a series of mirrors to shift the viewing angle, allowing you to see objects from any side. This is the perfect solution for working in tight spaces, allowing you to adjust the view instead of the object.



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Optical System Finite-conjugate
Objective Magnification 0.7X-5X zoom with detent
Integrated Reduction 0.4X
Working Distance 100mm
Sensor Sony IMX307 (color)
Sensor Type CMOS
Sensor Optical Format 1/2.8″
Active Pixels 2M (1920 x 1080)
Pixel Size 2.9µm x 2.9µm
Active Sensor Area 5.57mm x 3.13mm
Shutter electronic rolling shutter
Display Size 11.6″
Monitor Magnification 46X
Displayed Magnification 12.9X-92X
Native Resolution 1920 x 1080
Aspect Ratio 16:9
Brightness 220 nits
Stand Type Table stand with pillar
Base Dimensions 320mm x 260mm x 20mm
Column Dimensions Height: Depth:
Focusing-block Focus Range
Illuminator Type 144-LED ring light
Power Requirements 12VDC 1A input110-240VAC, 50-60HZ adapter included


  • One microscope
  • One monitor
  • One mounting arm
  • One wireless mouse
  • Two AC power adapters
  • One stand base
  • One stand pillar
  • One focusing block
  • One 3D rotary viewer
  • Additional information


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    0.7X-5X Zoom Tabletop Video Inspection System with 11.6" Monitor + 3D Rotary Viewer

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