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The Explorers Early Release - October 2016

Everyday there's always something new going on around here (wink). 

And couple of years ago we started brainstorming this idea of a unique magazine, that would be valued like a book. Similar to many maker/creative magazines that we, ourselves admire greatly. It has always been a goal of ours to focus on the details of what local (pacific northwest) Makers do, love, or MAKE! As life changed, and moved in different directions, Makers Unwound was put on hold. We are starting it up again and the creativity gears are cranking. Order Today!

As a family

As a family, in business together, naturally everyone is pitching in and making this possible. With My son and daughter taking photos, the "Ask Raine" column from my mother, several projects and illustrations we have been working on together etc. We hope to bring you something to share with your family as well. Maybe just for inspiration, or to make every project!

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