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About Bee Wise Goods

We've transitioned out of our brick and mortar location! Although the retail spot is no longer, our business is thriving, here's to the next 10 years!!

You'll find us at regional and local markets, shops around town and in our home studio. We want to grow @makersunwound, teach from our studio and get back to making cool stuff.

Our goal from the beginning has been to take steps toward better consumer habits. As makers, collectors and food enthusiasts our business has grown from a grass roots reusable bag company in 2007 to our current status as a collectors magazine, focusing on local people in the pacific northwest. We offer handmade, inspiration, Makers Unwound and just plain quirky items for your life and home.  Our mission is:

To Consume Less

To Reduce our Waste Footprint

To Be Wise Stewards of Creation

To Work as a Community to form a Healthy, Thriving Business

If you are inquiring about a donation, please understand that we receive hundreds of queries per year. As a family we give 10% of our yearly business profits to local organizations.

Your project is just as important but this method keeps it simple for us and we track where our charity giving goes each year.

About Makers Unwound

The idea of a collection of creative projects, stories, adventures, and people was formed in 2013. A magazine that was more like a book, all about creative minds and cool things people of the pacific northwest are doing.